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Embroidery & Customization

Image Connection offers one of the widest selections of decorating options. With most of these options, we can service both one-time orders or we can do fulfillment on your uniform program that may require frequent small orders to outfit your employees. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to make our recommendations and provide you with a quote.


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Embroidery Thumbnail 2 Embroidery is our most popular decoration. This is the process of sewing or embroidering your logo or lettering directly into the garment or other product. Logos or custom designs require a setup and are approved by the customer before sewn on the final product. This can usually be used on a variety of products, including hats, shirts, bags and jacketsRead our blog entry on the quality of our embroidery.


Heat Transfers

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Heat Transfers are traditionally used for decorating sports jerseys for names and numbers, but we have been using transfers for about 15 years for logos and others designs as well. Originally made using a thing vinyl that was printed and Cad cut to shape, today’s Digital Garment Transfers have progressed to the mainstream.

Many of the logos and decorations you see on retail garments use this technology today…it just so cool you don’t realize it’s a transfer. The new digital garment transfer offers an easy way to produce complex, multi-color designs without the cost or complexity of previous methods. These transfers utilize a unique media-ink transfer process that produces remarkably high-quality results with beautiful colors and incredible durability. In the years we have been using the new digital garment transfers, we have not had a single issue or complaint of the transfer peeling on coming off of the garment.

These transfers are particularly great for today’s high performance moisture wicking fabrics for both shirts and outerwear. Different fabrics and different applications call for specialty transfer products, so be sure you are dealing with a company who knows the difference. At Image Connection, we apply our transfers in house, and have been doing so for many years.  For many uniform programs we stock the transfers in our warehouse so that we can apply them “on demand for your program.  If you are interested in this option please call for more information.


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Appliqué is a distinctive decorating technique that involves the combination of a secondary fabric and embroidery. Frequently employed in sports jerseys to affix names on the back or create prominent contrasting logos, many companies leverage this method to achieve more aesthetically pleasing results by incorporating multiple fabrics and intricate stitching. Given our focus on functionality rather than being overly fashion-forward, we utilize appliqué to adorn larger areas where solid embroidery may not be a practical solution. Commonly, we sew letters onto the backs of shirts or jackets to denote positions such as "SECURITY," "STAFF," "EMS," or other descriptive roles. The showcased example demonstrates the use of a 3M reflective fabric, ensuring easy identification during both day and night.

Screen Printing

Silkscreen Thumbnail 1Silkscreen Thumbnail 2Screen printed T-shirts are the most popular and cost efficient means of putting your logo or message on shirts. Screen printing is the least expensive option for high volume decoration, especially if you only require 1 or 2-colors.  Each design must have the colors separated and re-created with film and a screen for each color. The more colors you need, the more expensive the set-up charge will be. While T-shirts are most popular, screen printing is also used on other products that can be printed flat like bags and towels.  24 Piece minimum order for new accounts.


Patches & Emblems

Patches & Emblems Thumbnail 1Patches & Emblems Thumbnail 2Make a statement with patches and emblemsThese are one of today’s trending methods for decorating apparel, especially hats.  

For many years we’ve been using patches on shirts and outerwear for public service positions where lots of decorating detail is often needed in a smaller space. Often, we use fully embroidered patches to simulate direct embroidery without the thousands of stitches working to degrade the integrity of the garment.

Today hats with patches are extremely popular. We currently offer traditional embroidered patches, woven patches which afford us greater detail in a cleaner look, leather and faux leather patches, and a variety of printed patches utilizing different printing methods and fabric backgrounds depending on the look you are trying to achieve.