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Jan 25

Uniform Programs for Hospital Employees

Elevating pride and security! Discover how the traditional hospital uniform process has evolved. From individual payments to streamlined online orders, we've transformed the experience for both employees and administrators. 

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Jan 23

Do we charge Sales Tax? Simple Question, Complicated Answer.

Ever wondered why your online order didn't include sales tax? Dive into our blog to discover the intricate world of state-specific tax requirements for internet sales. Small businesses like ours are on a mission to stay compliant!  #TaxTalk #Ecommerce

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Nov 21

Quality Decorating with Digital Garment Transfers

  • Posted By : Staff Contrabution

Garment transfers have long been a popular way to customize, embellish, and promote your apparel. For years the most effective method was printed and cut on a printer/plotter which had many great aspects but was limited in application. The new digital garment transfer offers an easy way to produce complex, multi-color designs without the cost or complexity of previous methods. These transfers utilize a unique media-ink transfer process that produces remarkably high-quality results with beautiful colors and incredible durability.

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