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Uniform Program Management

Easy online orderingAs a uniform company we work hard to set ourselves apart from the rest. It still amazes me when customers comment about how much faster service we provide. Not because we aren’t fast, but because many customers have become conditioned to expect poor service and long turnaround times.

Most company uniform programs are simple. Customers order the same product continuously, sometimes for years without change. Some programs are more complex requiring features to track an individual employees’ uniform allowance, to provide bundling for each individual employee,  or other special services for the program. Our management software allows us to provide you all the features needed to manage your uniform program, in what appears to be a custom solution. Simple. Comprehensive. Unique. Our proprietary uniform management software, Image365™.

Our uniform order management system,  makes it easy for our customers to manage their employee uniform clothing allowance or uniform allotment program. We provide you a customized "uniform store" website for employee ordering that tracks the clothing allowance and only lets employees order as long as they still have money left in their budget, or force them to pay the difference with a credit card.  We've gone far beyond other competitors to offer you the most comprehensive, yet easy to use, online system for managing your program. Because we own and manage our own software we can often add program specific features to your unique program requirements. Our software is specifically designed to manage your company uniform program. 

Please contact us or call us at (866) 250-3676 for a consultation about your company's uniform program requirements.

For more information, read our blog post on your personal online uniform store

Employee Uniform Allowance

Image365™ lets you manage your employee uniform  allowance online! You can set a fixed dollar amount and a fixed number of pieces that your employees can order during your budget period. You will never worry about your employees ordering more than their allotment, or what the employee has purchased. You can restrict which styles are available to each employee. As an administrator, you always have access to view what has been ordered, and how much your employees spent or how much is left. In addition to the dollar limits, you can specify which pieces can be ordered and the number of pieces. If an employee exceeds their allowance, you have the option of denying the order altogether, forcing them to pay with a credit card, or just notifying the administrator and letting the order continue. Read our blog post on managing your employee uniform clothing allowance.

Your  Online Uniform Store

Online Uniform StoreYour Online Company Uniform Store or personalized website  is an integral part of your program. Our Image365 technology allows us to quickly, and easily, add any of the thousands of products from our central website to your store. We customize your store features to fit your unique set of circumstances. For example will these orders be billed on a PO, or processed on a credit card? Shipped to one location, or several? If your program consists of only a few items, they will all be featured on the main page. For larger programs, we organize the individual items in categories to keep it simple. Read more about your personal online uniform store and how to manage your merchandise.


Simple & Secure Uniform Portal

All users are given a unique log-on, and all transactions are encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption. Orders are updated in our system as they are processed so you can always check to verify that your order is received or in production, and when it is expected to ship. Previous orders can be viewed to check styles, sizes, and pricing. One of the biggest criticisms that customers have of uniform companies is the lack of communication or the ability to get an answer on their orders. Our information is available 24/7. More information is available on our blog post about an online uniform store for your employees.

Individual Packaging by Employee

ImagePak is our way of customizing our order packaging to meet your needs. If you order uniforms for a large number of employees or departments, we will sort your order by department and by each employee. We bundle your orders by the employee and then separate by the department.  Each box is clearly labeled by a department, and with the names of the employee whose uniforms are inside. The last thing you want when trying to simplify this process is to receive a bulk order of uniforms for you to sort in your spare time! Ask for details.

Contract Pricing

Our standard pricing is quantity based; the more you order, the lower your price will be. We tailor our pricing to meet your program requirements. In many cases, we service one piece orders as part of an annual program.  Here the discount is on the first piece, not the higher quantity.  Call to discuss your needs.

Contract Pricing