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Screen print T-Shirts And Sportswear

Screen printing is the most economical garment decorating option, especially for larger designs with multiple colors. Most commonly used on T-shirts, bags, towels and other products with a flat surface. Products are printed, using a separate screen for each color. Light colors printed on dark products usually require a base coat, underlay or flashing to prevent the color of the product from bleeding thru the printing. We have recently entered a partnership with the Building Lives Foundation to provide us with screen printing services. Building Lives is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to helping homeless Veterans transition back to permanent, independent living. Please contact us or call for more information on Screen Printing. For more information on Building Lives, please visit

This decoration option can be implemented into your uniform management program. We also use this process for a variety of promotional products, but in many cases the small size of the product will limit printing to one or two colors.


You will be charged a set-up for each color print, in each location. Typically $40 for each color for apparel. We base the application cost on the number of colors and the number of items being printed.


We require high-resolution, camera-ready artwork. Vector art in Adobe .ai or .eps formats work best, as they can be scaled to size. We can use most .jpg, .tiff, or .psd files if they are in at least 150 dpi at the size you want or larger. Copying a low-resolution image into a high-resolution file does not make it printable, nor can you simply increase the resolution on a low-resolution document. If you cannot print it on your printer in the size required in a quality that is acceptable, chances are we can't either.

We can have your artwork professionally re-drawn for you. Most designs will cost $40 to $100 for a re-draw in a vector format. We always provide you with copies of the re-drawn files for use on other projects as well.

Turnaround Time

Usually about two weeks.